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Digital Marketing

I provide digital marketing services. I specialize in local service companies (especially healthcare). I mainly focus my efforts on search engine visibility and on optimizing websites to make the phone ring. More »

Consumer Research

I provide consumer survey research services. I am able to help with survey design using Qualtrics and other survey tools and analysis using R Software. More »

From the blog

  • Is it time to move your graphic design work to the cloud?
    For years we’ve been stuck using Adobe software. It’s expensive, it’s clunky, it has more features than most people need. It’s not web-friendly as the files it outputs are too large even for email. It’s also not cloud based so it ties you to a machine or requires you to carry around said machine. Adobe […]
  • Why you should never use Google Ads “Smart Campaigns”
    It may seem super convenient to set up a Google “Smart Campaign” but I beg you not to, and I will explain why. The idea of the Smart Campaign great: you just basically let Google’s software decide for you how to spend your ad money. The problem is that over the years Google has drifted […]
  • You want a Wix website for your doctor’s office or small business
    I started building websites from scratch in 2007, using Dreamweaver to visualize the code I was creating. In 2010 I made the switch to WordPress to benefit from its content management features. More recently, in 2021 I started to really favor Wix‘s platform. What do I like about Wix (vs. WordPress): Don’t get me wrong–I […]